3 Setlist Tips For Leading At A New Church

If I’m leading at a new church, what should I consider when picking the set?

The number one goal for WSN worship leaders being sent to new churches is engagement. Meaning – we want the church to be sharing a moment with the Lord vs. being distracted by a decision we’ve made. The Three rules we follow is:

  1. FAMILIARITY – Pick songs that are familiar but not too repetitive to prior sets. The way we go about this is by jumping on Planning Center (PCO) or Elvanto and looking through the last two months of songs. Make of list of songs that you can tell are familiar with the church but not repetitive to the two weeks prior (unless they’re learning a new song in which case repetition is ok)

  2. RELEVANCE – Consider the pastor’s message or theme – are there songs that go along with what the Pastor has been speaking on the past few weeks? Use the pastor’s message to filter what songs would be relevant for this week.

  3. COMMUNICATION – post the setlist on PCO and ask the pastor if he’d like any adjustments. If not, make sure you shoot a message to the team letting them know the songs are ready for them to start practicing! TIP: If you notice the songs don’t have any attachments (charts, lyrics, or reference audio/video) it will benefit you GREATLY to add the attachments to the songs so that the band is all on the same page and can come ready for rehearsal!

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