Our mission is to book worship and tech subcontractors to sustain and progress your ministry any time you’re in need.


Our Mission

Worship Support Network provides and project manages worship fine arts professionals to small, medium & mega churches, events and conferences. Our efficient booking process, reliability, and experienced team help elevate and consistently maintain our clients worship experiences.



Each church has their own unique ecosystem, community, and worship style. We believe that the Lord is honored by his body’s diversity in their attempts to honor and worship Him. It is our passion to be able to support each client in a way that progresses and/or sustains what they do and fits into “how” they do it.



To provide the worship culture with innovative community, wholistic strategy, & services that heighten the churches ability to lead worship.



From planning, to coordinating, to mixing, to engaging your congregation, etc.. our team of professionals is ready to serve in the trenches with you as hands-on or off as you prefer.

How it works

Get an estimate

Each church is its own ecosystem and we want to learn how we can uniquely serve you. After you set up a quick profile we’ll send an estimate on what it will cost for you to use any of our services 

Make a request

Making a project request is easy, tell us what you need and when you need it. Within a couple of days you’ll be connected to the team member who will best fill your need.

WSN team
delivers excellence

Our team member will arrive fully briefed on how to best serve your community and your need. Our team member will arrive fully briefed on how to best serve your community and your need. 


You pay Worship Support Network directly. Once your request is processed and booked, you will receive an emailed order confirmation for the amount that will be charged to your card.

The last business day before your service.

Yes, if you are interested in hiring a WSN team member please contact your Regional Coordinator and they’ll walk you through our process hiring and transition protocols.”

The longest project we served on was every week for two years.We’re happy to serve you primarily or supplementally for as long as you need us. Our goal is that you experience sustainability and/or forward motion each time you use WSN.

Absolutely! After we’ve sent someone you’re way and you’d like to have them back, just let us know when you are creating a service request.

There are a lot of dynamics at play that keeps us from guaranteeing they will be available: Our team members have families, jobs, and either have home a church they where they also serve or are looking for a home church. As long as it aligns with their schedule, we’ll send them back!

If the team member you requested is unavailable, we’ll use your church profile & preferences to select the best matching team member that will fit with your church’s heart, culture, and talent needs.

That depends on our team member’s availability, but we will certainly factor that in if you request it! If you’re scheduling out in advance, the more time we have to process your request, the more likely we will be to book a team member who can commit to several weeks in a row.

We do not have any discounts for small churches. However, we do work with each church on a personal level to find solutions that best meet their needs and budget.


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If you need us, we’re your resource for sustainability and forward motion!

Need more Info?

Our goal is to learn about your logistics, standards, and community in order to send you rates that reflect your need!

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