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Let’s be honest, life is beautifully hectic.

On the same day that I feel energized by what’s going on at church, I can also be feeling discouraged by something going on in my personal life or vice versa. Which leads to the question I have asked myself many times: How can we pursue community regardless of our energy level, and what should it look like? It all begins with praying and asking God to bring the right people into our lives and trusting/recognizing that he will do that… and maybe these relationships create something mutually beneficial. If you are on the ground floor of creating community in your church, or maybe just simply ready to start pursuing and healthy community in your life, one thing that I have seen work super well is inviting diversity, Surround yourself with different ages, different races, different genders, and people from all different walks of life.

A 1996 study by Stroebe, Diehl, and Abakoumkin found:

  1. When two people of the same ability work together, their individual performances increase by more than 5%.

  2. When two people of differing abilities work together, the weaker one’s performance increases by more than 10%.

Diversity gives community strength, and inclusiveness helps us as people and as a church gain both new perspectives and collective strengths. Regardless of what building we’re in, we as the church are called to love everyone like Christ. I know that can sound a little vague, maybe even a little churchy, so I wanted to leave you with three questions. In the areas of influence God’s given you (family, workplace, the church, friends, neighborhood, etc…)

  1. How can you let their perspectives refine your faith?

  2. How can you create interdependent relationships?

  3. How can you them love them more like Christ?

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