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3 Ways to Ensure your Volunteers Stay Engaged

I’ve come to realize there’s a big difference between volunteers going through the motions versus actually being engaged  and keeping the initial softness of heart that they had while committing to serve initially. Here are three strategies I’ve been able to use with the volunteers at my church, to combat burnout and turnover. 

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Why is Delegation So Hard for Pastors?

I have a call from the Lord to Shepard my church and I take that very seriously. As pastors how can we trust and empower our team to pull our the vision God’s given us with the same quality, drive, and sense of urgency? Here’s what I’m doing!

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The "Offer Up" Protocol - Pastor to Pastor

We are told to bring our best to the Lord. However, if I may speak frank, after a full day of ministry, counseling sessions, VBS planning and (insert one of the other 10 things you accomplished today) it doesn’t feel like there is much good left for us to offer up. I feel like anything I have to give would be less valuable than last week’s leftovers.

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