My Big Struggle With Prep

MY BIG STRUGGLE with prep!

I do my best to learn and memorize the exact parts to the songs that I’m playing so that I can bring my BEST to the churches I serve on a week-to-week basis. Knowing the exact parts helps me to:

  1. Cater to churches who want their worship music to sound like the album.

  2. Refining that skill enables me to be more flexible for the churches that play a little more lose because I know the song inside and out.

I’m not the best “play by ear guy” so trekking through parts on my own, or spending time finding the right online tutorial can sometimes take more time than I want to spend prepping.

The resource I turn to most is Worship Online!

Worship online is a phenomenal “team equipping” resource that gives you access to hundreds of tutorials and lessons on the various instrumental and vocal parts for the worship songs you’re trying to accomplish on any given Sunday and it only costs just $12 per month.