Prayer Matters


A healthy team is a praying team!

I know that sounds “churchy” but here are two tips on how you can contribute to a thriving community.

  1. In Psalms 100:4 David tells us to come into his presence with thanksgiving… Is it possible that being thankful to the Lord for our community would bring us closer to the people that he has put in our lives? Is it also possible that coming to the Lord with gratitude, regardless of the positive and negative people that are in our community could give us a new perspective on what God is doing in us OR wants us to do for them?

  2. Pray for them! James 5:16 talks about transparency, prayer, and how powerful it is! We can also take a look at the WHOLE new testament - it’s filled with Paul talking about how he is praying for the communities that God has placed in his influence.

Let me leave you with this question:

Would there be any negative fruit from being intentionally grateful & prayerful for your community?

Thanks for reading, and here’s to practicing the Living Word in our hearts, and sowing prayer into our community!