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Being The Best "TEXT" Your Team Can Get

How can we make sure our team feels empowered, engaged, loved, and accountable each time we communicate with them! Here’s some steps on how to change your communication being ignored, to being adored!

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A Pastor’s Dirty Secret: Disappointment can Steal my Passion

I love being a pastor, and my guess is that you do too. It’s not an easy job, so those of us who choose to take it on full-time tend to have passion for ministry in spades. But there’s a flip side to the coin: sometimes, disappointment comes in like a thief and robs us of this passion. Let me explain. 

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3 Ways to Ensure your Volunteers Stay Engaged

I’ve come to realize there’s a big difference between volunteers going through the motions versus actually being engaged  and keeping the initial softness of heart that they had while committing to serve initially. Here are three strategies I’ve been able to use with the volunteers at my church, to combat burnout and turnover. 

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