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Please rate the following statements from 1 - 5 where: 1 = POOR 5 = PERFECT
Overall Experience *
Please rate your overall experience serving this week.
Skill *
In your opinion, how would you rate this team member's musical talent?
Attitude *
In your option, how would you rate this team member's professionalism and attitude?
Communication *
In your opinion, how would you rate this team member's ability to communicate with clarity and urgency?
Timeliness *
The team member arrived on-time for rehearsals and/or call times?
Standards and Quality *
The team member came fully prepared with parts and tone ready?
WSN Coordinator Communication *
The WSN Coordinators communicated clearly and were able to assist you quickly throughout the week of your project.
Expectations *
The team member met all the expectations you had for this project/service?
In your own words, please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. NOTE: ANY RATINGS BELOW A 3 OR LESS, NEED TO BE EXPLAINED BELOW.
Please tell us about any expectations that were unmet, issues with skill, communication, or attitude with this team member.
What can WSN do to improve your experience as we serve with you?
We value your input and consistently strive to improve our services. Our team reviews all of these surveys as they are submitted and we may reach out to you if we have any follow-up questions. However, if you have any remaining questions, concerns, or wish to speak with us further about this project - we are at your service! Would you like us to schedule a follow-up call with you to discuss this project in further detail?
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