Team Night Recap | Q3 2018


Updates You Need To Know


Getting Paid: Direct Deposits Begin This Weekend

In case you haven’t seen all the announcements about updating your profile & payment information, we are officially moving all payments to direct deposit beginning with services on or after Friday, September 21st. This means that if you serve on a weekend, instead of receiving a notification Sunday afternoon, you will receive one on Monday morning. Since banks are closed on Sundays, the time in which it takes you to receive the funds in you bank will likely not change.

Project Procedures & Communication Expectations

We wanted to remind everyone that we now have a functional & routine process for how your projects & deliverables NEED to be followed. This includes reviewing you Project Assignments each week & always responding to the Pastoral Connection email by ‘Replying All’. All communication with the Pastor/Point of Contact must be done within this email thread & always include WSN in the thread by ‘Replying All’.

For more information, please review the Project Procedures Manual.


Tucson, AZ & Green Bay, WI Are Officially Open!

WSN is officially open and operating in Tucson Arizona and Green Bay Wisconsin! If you know anyone who might want to join our team, or any churches in need in either of those areas we’d love to connect with them! Also please be praying that God helps us be a blessing to both of those communities!


What can we do for you?

Since we’ve started as a company we’ve had the desire to invest in & pastor our team. Recently we’ve started a collaboration with Ben Gray of Cornerstone Church. Ben has both worked with us as team member and is now one of our clients, and he shares our passion to love on the WSN team. If there’s anything you need prayer for, or if you’d like to meet with Ben or any of our WSN team shoot us an email at

What’s new with the Ableton Department?

Over the last 8 months WSN has been working to develop a branch that focuses on creating Ableton arrangements for churches. On our third week of beta testing we received an offer from a larger company to buy this portion of WSN, and then hire WSN to run it for them. This deal has been in negotiations for the last 4 months and it looks like it’s FINALLY moving forward. We still need a lot of prayer and guidance and strength on being prepped for both rapid growth and slow moving trench work! Thanks for your prayers and we’ll continue to keep you up to date!


One of the things we like to do at each of our meetings is take a moment to recognize some of our team members who do an amazing job. Below are some of the people who have been killing it!

Jonathan Canton

The “Angel On Duty” award. Jonathan goes above and beyond at EVERYWHERE we send him! From communication to execution he truly cares about the congregation entering into worship with Jesus! Thanks for being on the team and doing a great job Jon!

Joel Kanitz

“The Harry Styles” award. Simply put, something about Joel reminds us of if Leeland and Harry Styles had a baby! From his voice to his heart Joel is killing it! Thanks for all you do Joel!

Josh Barry

The “Cool Guy” award. Whether Josh is on the road for a tour, or serving with WSN on a weekend, he brings solid personableness, heart and talent everywhere he goes! Josh YOU’RE A BALLER! Thanks for serving.

Simeon Lohrmann

The “Sower” award. Being a worship leader and bringing your best are first nature for this dude! One thing we’ve noticed with every church we’ve sent Simeon to, is that he cares about the church in its entirety. He’s cognitive of his impact for the Sunday he’s there as well as how it might help/affect them down the road! You’re truly sowing into the kingdom, and we’re super grateful for you Simeon!

Michael Herring

“Old Soul” award. If Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec reference) had a soft heart he would look a little like Michael Herring. Michael goes above and beyond to connect with the church body anywhere we send him, and his maturity is beyond his years! Thanks Michael!

Bill Housley

“Indefinable Trait” award. I wish we knew how to describe how AWESOME Bill is… it’s almost indefinable. The long and short of it is that Bill truly cares, and you can feel it from his preparation to his follow up! Bill we give you an A+++++++++, thanks for being a part of what we do!

Felipe Carrillo

The “Quick Chops” award. Felipe is a Bassist and MD and even though we’ve given him BIG assignments with little heads up, he still finds a way to bring his A-game. I don’t know how you memorize tunes so quickly but let’s just say you have quick mental and instrumental chops! Thanks for killing Felipe!

Cleaning the Lenses:

We wanted to take a moment and remind ourselves to “clean our lenses” so we can refocus! Romans 12:10-13 “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be passionate in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.”

We’ve all experienced some of the difficulties of serving the church (lack of communication, organization, delivering on the same level that we’re expected to, miscommunications, etc…) as we mentioned at the meeting almost 60% of the pastors we serve are balancing a second job, raising support, balancing family, the needs of their congregation, as well as their own personal needs. A LOT of these pastors aren’t the most skilled or even nearly as equipped as they’d like to be but they sound a lot like Samuel answering God’s voice in 1 Samuel 3 they’re saying “here I am”… there available and committed to serving seeking the lost and found and shepherding God’s people. Thank you for being a team who SEES and UNDERSTANDS that the pastors we’re serving are in the trenches just like us. We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are that you join us in helping serve the “servants” to the bride of Christ. We love you guys and we’re excited for what’s ahead!

If you couldn’t come, please know our BIG goal in this next season is to support you and be a community to you. If you’d like to be a part of the conversion about how we can do this better please text the word COMMUNITY to (818) 938-2347.