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From setlist planning, coordinating with your worship team, engaging your congregation, etc.. our worship leaders will serve you as hands-on or off as you prefer!

Mega church

If you’re a megachurch it’s likely you need someone to sub into a service you’ve had planned for a while. Your worship team is used to operating at a high level and you’d prefer the worship leader to be briefed on service flow, but to really focus on highly engaging stage presence and leading your congregation with excellence.

Mid-sized church

If you’re a mid-sized church it’s likely that you need a worship leader who can be a little more hands-on collaborating and planning your worship setlist and coordinating among the band. You need a worship leader who’s attentive to service flow, deviations, and who’s quick on their feet if you have snafus of any kind. You’re loosely planned in advance and you have a tight worship team that serves with each other regularly, so it’s important for you to also have a worship leader that’s ready to be personable and ministry focused to the band, but who will still help drive the band toward a smooth flow of worship.

Smaller Church

If you’re a smaller church its likely that planning in advance is a constant goal that doesn’t always get accomplished. Your worship team is a mixed bag of talent, but a gold mine of servant-hearted volunteers. You typically need a worship leader to be highly administrative on the front end of service planning and extremely pastoral when they come face to face with your team and congregation. An imperfect service that can be flexible for what God is leading, always trumps a “perfect” service for you.


Wes Kordon

Camelback Community Church

WSN has been the single greatest resource for our worship team.

Bryan Starner

Crossroads Nazarene Church

Worship Support Network stands out as being one of the most gracious and easiest ministry partners to work with



Pathway Community Church

The company has good communication skills and asks for feedback after the service. I highly recommend WSN.

Justin Schaap

Mountain View Church

What a great resource for the local church! They have found a need and came up with a solution to fill that need. Their musicians have been very punctual and prepared. WSN are easy to work with and help keep you focused on your ministry! Keep up the good work WSN!

Randall David

Bellevue Heights Church

WSN is excellent.

Chad Chaney

Alive Church Tucson

Been using WSN for almost a month. So happy they opened up in Tucson. Everyone has been crazy skilled and on time and ready to go. Working with wsn has made my life a lot easier and our music a lot better!

Taylor Anderson

Grace Community Church

WSN is an amazing network of amazing people. I have nothing but the highest respect for Elijah and his team of talented musicians and sound engineers. As a worship leader who has contracted as a WSN musician as well as hired WSN musicians and sound engineers, WSN always has incredible structure on the back end as well as integrity and excellence in the role they provide for the local church. I highly recommend Worship Support Network.

Stephen Kimbrell

Grace City Church

5 stars for these guys! We were in a spot a few months ago where we really needed some help at our worship leader position. Graham from WSN has been an answer to prayer. He’s always prepared, connects with our people, and does a phenomenal job each week. WSN has made our transition between worship leaders very seamless.

Michael A Land Jr.

Christ’s Church Fountain Hills

Worship Support Network has 100% lived up to their name and been a huge support to me as a worship leader! I'm SO grateful for their clear communication and professionalism each week and their heart to serve churches. I'm thankful for the WSN community!

Michael Bohlmann

Desert View Bible Church

WSN has helped us numerous times with wonderful results. Gotten me out of more than one jam for sure, but the best part is the people they send are highly qualified and quality people who clearly love Christ and get ministry. I am so thankful for WSN.

James Munsey

Faith Church

WSN has faithfully supported our church worship team week in and week out with very high quality musicians who always come prepared and bring a great attitude. Their communication is excellent and their team is kind. I cannot thank them enough for how they have blessed our church and me personally. I would not hesitate to book them for your next worship service! Thank you Worship Support Network!

J'ana De La Torre

Streams Church

I’m the Worship Director at Streams Church, and WSN rocks my world. When we we need a worship leader, they send us one that fits our style and approach to worship. The leaders really take the time to understand our service so it flows consistently for our congregation, and work well with our worship teams. Elijah and his coordinators are always available for questions and support. I highly recommend WSN!

Randy Deal Sr.

Vision Arizona Network

As the Administrator for the Vision Arizona network, the church planting network for Converge Southwest for the state of Arizona and coaching and training our churches all over Arizona, WSN has been AMAZING to contract with and have "saved the day" in so many of our churches and supporting us to have the highest quality worship experiences in our churches. GRATEFUL for them!

Mik Sivak

The Shelter Church

I’m the Worship Leader at The Shelter church. The Worship Support Network has been a real blessing to our church over the years. The musicians and leaders are prompt, prepared, talented, and most of all spiritually sound. I’ve never been anything less than satisfied with the service. I would highly recommend WSN to any church.


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The Process

How is talent booked // deployed // rebooked

Each time you need a position filled in your worship or production you

Project Request

You will make a project request using our project request form on the website.

Find the right match

Once we process your request we use our system to compare qualifiers in your client profile with qualifications of our team members. When we have a team member that’s qualified and available, they’re booked!

Get the team up to speed

Once a team member is booked they receive an in depth look at your churches profile and how directions on how to prep! We simultaneously send an email connecting you with our team member to have them check in with you and get them up to speed on your setlist.

Serve With Excellence

No explanation necessary!


After our team member serves with you we send a survey to hear what went well, and if there’s anything we can do better for you next time! 


If you’d like to have a specific team member back again simply put it in the notes on your next request, and as long as they’re available we’ll send them your way!



Each time you make a request WSN compares your church profile with our team member profiles. We consider skill, experience, personability, and availability to find a perfect match for your request.

Request a Worship Leader

Regardless of who you are and what you need from a worship leader, we have the experienced professionals to come and serve in the trenches with you exactly how you need!
request a leader

Request a Leader

Our goal is to learn about your logistics, standards, and community in order to send you rates that reflect your need!

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