Coming In 2019 | New Workshops, Branches, & Departments


You can think of these as jam-packed training sessions revolving around the subjects we choose to feature this year. We know resources for training and refining your worship team and even your own skills can be scarce or even expensive. Please feel free to come, and send any of your church team members to be poured into regarding their positions. I.E. Worship leader Prep/Communication, Lead Guitar training, Sound Engineer training, etc… Keep an eye out for the 2019 dates in each city!

New Branches:

Be in prayer with us as we try to build local teams for other cities that have reached out to us for help. In Quarter 3 of 2019, we’re considering opening branches in San Diego - CA, Colorado Springs - CO, Columbus - OH, Charleston - SC, Houston - TX, and Chicago - IL. We’re not absolutely sure if we’ll be moving forward with all these cities but we’re certainly praying and doing our best to make sure that we can sustainably launch before we take the step!

New Departments:

Remote MD Department: We're considering a few new areas that we feel God may be opening up for us in 2019. Many churches we serve have expressed a need for structure, more instruments, and organization in their music dept. Our big solution for accomplishing this without breaking the bank is enabling Tracks for your church. Over the last year, WSN has worked to develop our Remote MD Department that has the ability to consult, train, and create both simple and complex arrangements for any church and any song! If this is something you’re interested in hearing more about, stay tuned for announcements later this month.

Interim Worship Pastor: WSN is testing out a new department that sends one worship leader to a church for 6 months at a time to work in a more hands-on capacity with the church to shepherd and grow their department. If you’d like to be considered to be a part of this program, stay tuned for announcements later this month. Whereas, we know that WSN is not being called to be a long-term solution for churches, we want to help foster team growth that can only come from someone pouring into the churches worship community! We’re so excited to see what God does through this. (The first Test Group has already begun!)

Pastoral Care: This is still in the process of taking shape, as we carefully consider what God wants us to do in this area - we’re considering how to be a light and give resources to lighten the load of being a pastor. Your prayers would be much appreciated. (We aim to have this portion of WSN up and running by Quarter 3 of 2019)

Jesse Dowd