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Client FAQ's

Each team member is required to fill out a WSN application, send a try out video, and give three references of pastors/worship leaders/elders that they’ve worked with in the past. After considering the information and following up with references WSN may or may not decide to move forward with the applicant. If we do bring the applicant onto the WSN team they are put through a final background check and graded on skill, communication, and personality metrics that we’ll use to match them with the right opportunities.
When a church makes a project request, WSN uses the churches profile to match them with a team member who’s available and qualified for the opportunity.
Yes and No. One of the biggest factors in determining who WSN can send is availability. If a church has a team member preference listed in their request and that team members available, they’ll be there! If they’re not available, we’ll send another qualified team member!
After a client has been fully onboarded they’re required to put a card on file. When a client makes a project request WSN immediately begins inquiring qualified members of our team to fill it. As long as the project has been booked, each client is charged and sent a receipt for the service the last business day before the date of their project.

WSN requires a card on file that we will use to run the payment each time WSN has booked a team member for the clients project. We do not take cash, check, or anything else at this time.

WSN measures each client profile with seven different variables ranging from job type (Musician, Sound Engineer, Worship leader), standards (like memorization), preparation, service count, etc… Once a client fills out a profile they’re receive an estimate of what it will cost each time they’d like to use any of our services.

PLEASE Request at W9 from WSN directly. Please do not request any W9’s from WSN team members. WSN is a LLC that provides services to our clients with team members that contract directly to WSN. That means we are responsible for sending our team members tax documentation that corresponds with what we’ve paid them throughout the year. 

Yes, WSN is in compliance with national tax law and sends each team member the proper tax documents.

Team FAQ's

Pay is determined by each client’s need. WSN measures client profiles with seven different variables ranging from job type (Musician, Sound Engineer, Worship leader), standards (like memorization), preparation, service count, etc… Each time a client makes a request, qualified team members will receive an inquiry text about the project opportunity that they can accept or deny.

WSN pays team members on Mondays each week. After a team member is sent on a project they’ll receive a “project check out” text which triggers the team members invoice to our payroll.

WSN sends funds via direct deposit which typically take banks 1-3 business days to process.
WSN’s headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona

Worship Support Network currently serves:

  • Arizona: Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff
  • California: Los Angeles, Orange County
  • Michigan: Greater Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Troy, Brighton
  • Texas: Dallas, Houston, Tyler

WSN is still in the process of restructuring our system to be more scalable. The next states we have our sites on are NV, CO, FL, and OK, keep an eye on our social media for announcements on future state launches.

At this time WSN is only considering promoting from within. If you’re currently a team member or a client and would like to work for WSNs administrative team, please reach out to your coordinator and ask about next steps!
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