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our unique process & customized pricing model is tailored to help you get the talent your looking for quickly with no worry or hassel while also accommodating the unique, diverse budget needs of the local church.


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Our Process


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Create A Church Profile

Creating a Church Profile provides us with all of the information we use to better understand the best way to serce your church and match the best WSN Team Members for you needs.


Review & Sign Our Church Contract

Our client contract for services is Worship Support Networks's service agreement and is just as much our commitment to you as it is to us. It covers things non-competes, payments, & communication policies.


Create Service Requests Whenever You Need

Use our webform or Message us anytime

Once you have completed a church profile and signed the contract, you're ready to go! Just tell us what you need and when you need it - We take care of the rest! We use your church's profile to fill in all the little details so you don't have to. If you have a unique project such as a worship night or Good Friday service, you can just add the unique detail to the form when you submit it! You'll get a confirmation email as soon as its processed and then we connect you with a team member via email once they scheduled.

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How Are Projects & Pricing Figured?

Who Do I Pay?

You pay Worship Support Network directly. Once your request is processed and booked, you will receive an emailed order confirmation for the amount that will be charged to your card.

When do I need to pay?

Though payments are due on or before the Date of Service, no action is required on your part once we have a payment method on file for you. Payments are automatically charged to your card around the last business day prior to your Date of Service. Thus, avoiding accidental late fees.

If we're looking for a permanent fit, can we hire one of your people?

We're not a church staffing agency, we are a ministry that fills any position you need on an INTERIM level. However, we want to give you as much time as you need to find the right person for the job.

How long can WSN assist me and my church?

The longest project we served on was every week for two years. We're happy to serve and want to give you quality, consistent service for as long as you need!

Can I request specific WSN Team Members?

Absolutely! After we've sent someone you're way and you'd like to have them back, just let us know when you are creating a service request.
There are a lot of dynamics at play that keeps us from guaranteeing they will be available: Our team members have families, jobs, and either have home a church they where they also serve or are looking for a home church. As long as it aligns with their schedule, we'll send them back!
If the team member you requested is unavailable, we'll use your church profile & preferences to select the best matching team member that will fit with your church's heart, culture, and talent needs.

Can you send us the same person every week?

That depends on our team member's availability, but we will certainly factor that in if you request it! If you're scheduling out in advance, the more time we have to process your request, the more likely we will be to book a team member who can commit to several weeks in a row.

If we are a small church, can we get a discount?

We do not have any discounts for small churches. However, we do work with each church on a personal level to find solutions that best meet their needs and budget.