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What is your big dream in life?

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What is your experience in preparation to this point?

Do you prefer structure, flexibility, or both?

Are you familiar with playing to click or worship tracks?

On average, how many service per month are you involved in currently?

On average, how many services each month would you like with Worship Support Network?

How would you rate the importance of stage presence?
5. Stage Presence is very important
4. Important but not the priority
3. Mildly important
2. As long as everyone looks presentable it shouldn’t be a focus
1. Not at all, people should be focused on worshiping God, not looking at the people on the


Please rate the following statements.

Engaging with the congregation comes naturally for me.

I have to prep my heart and mind before I engage with the congregation.

I’d prefer not to engage at all.

I love making new friends and connecting with people.

I push myself to take initiative to meet people because I see the value in connecting with them.

Connecting with people is not first nature, but I connect well when others take initiate to meet me.

Connecting with people makes me anxious, and is daunting.
Your Portfolio
Please submit youtube, facebook, dropbox, or vimeo links of you being a part of a worship service or playing to a worship song. (preferably one for each position you’re applying for – iPhone quality is acceptable). Sound Engineers: please submit a link to your resume or portfolio.







Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
*Note:* WSN is inclusive to many different perspectives and traditions. Your answers below will not necessarily disqualify you from joining our team. Rather, your answers will assist us in matching you with the best possible churches in accordance with their preferences and standards.

Authority & Structure of Scripture

Please rate the following statements:

The Scriptures are 100%, word-for-word, concrete, written by God himself.

The Scriptures are God-breathed (Divinely Inspired), and written by mankind.

The Scriptures are Concrete and must be taken literally.

The Scriptures are Abstract and must be taken metaphorically.

The Scriptures contain ‘both’ Concrete and Abstract writing depending on the book and what the author’s intended meaning or purpose of the writing.

I believe the accounts of Jesus in the Gospels really happened in our History

Briefly describe your beliefs & understanding of the Gifts of the Spirit and whether they are relevant today.

In 1 sentence, how you would define “Worship”?

Briefly describe your theology of Worship and why it is relevant today

Briefly describe you understanding of what ‘The Church’ is and it’s purpose in today’s world.


If “Yes”, please tell us more about what made you feel like they took advantage of you.

When you disagree with a pastor’s vision/motive for a service, do you find it easy or hard to support it?

If “Yes”, please explain.

This is something WSN does not take lightly when sending our Team to serve the local church. On occasion we do random background checks. Is there anything we should know about your prior history?

Do you consent to a background check?

Do you currently have a job?

What are your top 2 strengths?

What are your top 2 weaknesses?

What is your greatest worship experience?

Please share something wacky about yourself!

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